Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Egypt - Breaking the Silence

The events happening in Tunisia and Egypt are helping Arabs in the Middle East and around the world speak out even louder against the autocratic regimes that have kept the region in stagnation for so long.

Arabs are shocked, nearly unable to believe that this inspirational surge towards freedom is coming from their own people. And they are proud, very proud, to be living this historic moment. Those of them who have long been speaking have raised their voices, and those who said nothing are now breaking their silence.

As the protests in Egypt and the developments across the Arab World unfold, my months-long online silence comes to an end. Sitting back and merely watching these events is no longer an option. It is time to act. Anyone dreaming of a better Middle East must act now, using whatever opportunity or talent they have to add fuel to a movement that is changing the face of the region forever. Painters, singers, protesters, news anchors - now is your time.

As for myself, I love stringing words together. So I will write.



Elisabeth Hirsch said...

Very inspiring.


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