Saturday, December 13, 2008

Eid Is Over, But Movies Aren't

Since I'm on the topic of movies, let me bring your attention to another film I recently heard about: Salt of This Sea. It's a story about a American of Palestinian descent who goes back to Palestine to rediscover her land and her identity. There, she meets and falls for a Palestinian man who wants nothing more than to get out of Palestine.

I haven't actually seen the film, so I don't know what happens next. But I have seen the trailer, and it looks pretty interesting. Salt of the Sea seems to mix politics, romance and self-discovery into a movie definitely worth watching. It gives the Palestinian issue a human face.

And that fact that it's a film by one of my favorite poets, Suheir Hammad, makes it all the more exciting.

Check out the trailer below:


Nicholas Karavatos said...

And after spending Eid with my Greeks I'm ready to take back Constantinople!

From the trailer, I wonder if *Salt of this Sea" would be more than the typical of its genre. I wonder if it will do more than press the usual emotional buttons. I hope it is more complex than that. I look forward to seeing for myself.

The title reminds of a Hollywood-blacklisted film I saw back in the 80s: *Salt of the Earth* (1951). The film can be watched online at

"*Salt of the Earth* was produced, written and directed by victims of the Hollywood blacklist. Unable to make films in Hollywood they looked for worthy social issues to put on screen independently. This film never would have been made in Hollywood at the time, so it is ironic that it was the anti-communist backlash that brought about the conditions for it to be made. In many ways it was a film ahead of its time, mainstream culture did not pick up on its civil rights and feminist themes for at least a decade."

Though not in setting or situation, thematically the two films seem similar. The Latin-American mine workers = Palestinians, and the Anglo-American mine owners & police = the Israelis.

Same old story, really, from a Structuralist point-of-view.

Chic@Sharjah said...

Seems interesting. I'm reccommending that netflix (movie rental through mail company in US).