Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Institute for Policy Studies - A Nour Obsession

I've been looking up internships lately, and I came across a D.C. think tank called the "Institute for Policy Studies" (IPS). The organization is .. amazing, for lack of a more sophisticated word. Calling itself "Washington's first progressive multi-issue 'think tank,'" it focuses on providing alternative policies in three areas: peace, justice and the environment.

Founded in response to the Vietnam War, IPS devotes itself to helping pave the way towards social justice. A quick quote from their website gives you a small taste of what IPS is all about:

Washington is awash with dealmakers who pursue narrow, short-term interests. But who looks out for future generations? Who is responsible for the stewardship of the planet? Who seeks to go beyond temporary peace to a future without the possibility of war? Who says, “Let’s try an approach that protects human rights, meets human needs and that our resources can sustain over decades and centuries, not election cycles”?

The Institute for Policy Studies is the counterweight to the dealmakers. We work to reclaim democracy. We collaborate with grassroots movements to foster the conditions for long-term change. We promote relationships, linking activists and public officials who share our belief that a better world is possible ...

Who wouldn't want to work for an organization like this? The site's homepage is full of insightful articles on the issues IPS is currently working on. If you find them interesting, you might want to sign up for the IPS newsletter, "Unconventional Wisdom."

Anyhoo, that's my blurb today. If you found IPS as fascinating as I did, spread the word about it! We need to get these alternative news sources and organizations out there - ASAP!

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