Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bedtime Stories

Ghosts in my bedroom tonight.
A sliver of silver light slips through
Curtains Mama put up years ago,
Shows them click on the stereo.
Airwaves crackle the radio man to life -
Always a man on this station.
Thunderstorm. My eyes milk-white
Watch the rain crawl down like black
Widows from cloud webs. The ghosts
Wait for radio man's voice to pop words
Like firecrackers. I shut my eyes.
"A funny, scrawny looking thing.
We have to hide her from the
Bears. Her hair glows, copper."

The ghosts pull the blanket
Soft against my skin like a body,
Whispering I'll be ready to hear
Him die tomorrow.


Some shameless self-promotion. =)
Originally published on Moondance.


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