Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Mediterranean Union?

I've been doing some reading on the Union for the Mediterranean that French President Nicolas Sarkozy established earlier this July. I like the idea of a community linking Europe with the Middle East, but like most people I'm skeptical about its effectiveness. How much is it a real attempt at promoting peace and development in the Middle East? And how much of it is a display to satisfy the calls (from within and outside Europe) for a more constructive European role in the region?

Only time can tell.

Till then, here are two interesting articles about the subject for those interested:

Interview with Volker Perthes:
New Co-operation Opportunities for Europe and the Arab World

Sarkozy's Union for the Mediterranean:
France as a Centre of Political Gravity


cromptonenator said...

The New World Order in action.

Nour Merza said...

ahhahaha! classic!